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Philips Connectivity (DCO)»Loading emailed SAP XML file
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Loading emailed SAP XML file

The first step is to save the .xml file to your desktop or another file folder. Once saved, just drag the .xml file into the orders section of OASIS (as shown in the image below):

Alternatively, you are able to select the "Load Order Status and Invoices (from XML)" menu item from the "Philips" menu:

The process is currently runs in the foreground, blocking all activity in OASIS until the process completes. During the download, OASIS will decode the XML. If the order is found in OASIS, then order status or invoice information will be added to update the order.  Note: The matching for the order information has to be exact and unique.  If any information is inaccurate, the data will be placed in the download folder for manual processing.

If the order can not be updated in OASIS, then the order status information is added to the order download folder.  Invoices are added to the invoice download folder.  

The Download folder will pop up once OASIS completes processing the file.

From the download folder, you are able to use the “Create Matching OASIS Transaction” option from the tools menu to identify the customer and other data required to create the transaction in OASIS:

Both order status and invoices are included in the file from Philips.

For more details on how to manually process all the information in the download folders, click here.

Ensuring Data Quality


To auto apply order status in OASIS, there needs to be a good match of the Philips data and the data in OASIS. When the result is questionable, OASIS will not auto apply (One way to think about it is having a “new person” apply order status to an order – at some point, knowledge of the project and the lighting fixtures is required to “read between the lines” if the data is not fairly clean).
Here is an example of or orders that have been auto applied. 
Invoicing is easier. All that is needed is the PO number to match and the invoice not already be in OASIS. However, order status must also match at the line level for the auto apply to work. Here is an example of an order that can’t be matched. You can see the issue is the fixture types in OASIS is different than what was returned by Philips:
Here is the data from Philips:


NOTE: the fixture type was keyed as "A1" but was manually keyed into the Philips ERP as blank. Since OASIS uses the fixture type to auto apply the shipping information, the order status data is rejected and the order status data is added to the OASIS download folder with a note “Could not match: …”.

You can audit orders showing as “invoiced” but with no shipping status.  Here are some examples:
Basically the data in OASIS does not match what is being sent by Philips. Here are some other examples
PO# xxxxxxxxx
The order in OASIS has no fixture type codes. Philips is sending Aalt for the item “G10LP4FT18LUV850C6”  OASIS reports: “Could not match “Aalt G10LP4FT18LUV850C6”
PO# xxxxxxxxxx
PO# xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lots of long fixture type codes which are truncated by Philips