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Printing a Quote
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Printing a Quote

Users have several options when printing quotes. What is shown on the quote depends on what the user chooses to show. Unit pricing can be shown or not, or just a total price at the bottom of the quote, subtotals, option/alternate groups, kits/assemblies, lamps/accessories and more. The user also has options for sending the quote to the customer. Email with a PDF attachment, email with an Excel attachment, print to a local printer, PDF, Excel and more. OASIS lets you choose what to show on the quote and how you send it. Print options are detailed below.

 On any quote, click Print and you will get the window below

Print Option Purpose / Usage

Customer Copy

Prints the customer quote

MFG Breakout

Breakout suitable for sending to the distributor so they can send you orders

Request for Quote (RFQ)

Print requesting a quote/price from a manufacturer. Can be used in conjunction with the MFG Target column to send the manufacturer a target price

Office Copy

Prints all items related to the quote including the quote, internal notes, all price levels, MFG Summary, Customers quoted summary

Bill of Material (BOM)

Prints only a Bill of Material

Specification Registration

Prints a Specification Registration form for any manufacturer on the Quote.

NOTE – most manufacturers have a form for spec registration. This print can be used in case the factory doesn’t have a form.

Customer Copy

  • Click the Customer Copy button and window below opens.
  • The customers you have selected in the Customers tab of the quote should appear.
  • Select the contacts/customers you wish to send by checking the boxes


NOTE – Click the “Manually key contact information” box at the top to send to a customer not currently in your database. It is recommended to add them to your database, though, if you will be doing business with them more than once.

Enter the information and click Next

Select the “Output to:”

  • Local Printer – prints to printer on your machine or network
  • Print Preview – previews how the quote looks
  • PDF File – creates a PDF of the quote
  • Microsoft Excel – creates an Excel spreadsheet of the quote
  • Send Message – emails the quote as a PDF attachment
  • Send Message (Excel) – emails the quote as an Excel attachment

Click Next. The print dialog box appears.

Option Purpose / Usage

Unit Price

Shows unit price on printed quote

Extended Price

Show Extended price column on printed quote

Quote 2nd Column – Option drop down

Allows you to show a 2nd price column of your choice on the printed quote – often used to give a “Net” price and a Sell price

Hide Quantities, Hide Line Notes, Hide Description

Hides these items on the print

Hide Part Numbers, Hide Manufacturer IDs, No Parts

Hides these items on the print

Suppress Zero Quantity Rows

Suppresses any lines with a zero quantity from the printed quote

Show Grand Total (Lot Net)

Shows a grand total on the printed quote

Show Subtotals and Options

Shows any Subtotal or Option lines on the printed quote. Used when you have subtotals and/or Options and are unchecking “Show Grand Total (Lot net)

Show Components, Lamps & Accessories

When using Lamps, Accessories or Kits and Components. Checking this box will show the Lamp, Accessories or Component lines on the printed quote

Show Component Prices

Check this box to show Lamp, Accessories, and Component prices to be broken out separately

Show Manufacturer Terms

Show Totals

Show the manufacturers terms & conditions (entered in the manufacturer setup)

Show Bid Name

When printing, it will show the Project name, Phase name and the Bid name

Example – Smith Building – Phase 1 - Budget

Show Lamp Takeoff (separate from fixtures)

If there are Lamp lines, they will be shown separately below the Bill of Materials

Estimates Total tax

Subtotal Tax Estimate

Adds an estimate for the tax based on customer setup or project location

Show Lot Lines

Prints any Lot lines on the quote print


Switches print from Portrait to Landscape

Limit Manufacturers

Allows user to select or limit the manufacturers printed on the quote

Draft Only

Checked by default so user previews before sending. However, uncheck to print or email a “live” quote (without the watermark)

MFG Breakout

Generally at this point a winning customer has been selected and the user is sending breakouts to the customers so that orders may be sent back.

  • Click MFG Breakout
  • The window below will appear (with the winning customer selected)

  • Set the Output to
  • Make sure the customer is selected (and contact if emailing)
  • Click Next
  • Select items to show on the Breakout

OASIS will pint a Breakout for each manufacturer on the quote, plus a Summary page for all manufacturers

Request for Quote (RFQ)

This option lets the user send a request for quote on a line/part(s) on the quote.

To send a “Target” price (price you need to quote it at) you will want to use the MFG Target column in the bill of materials

(If you do not see the MFG Target column, go to File, then Preferences to add)

  • Click Request for Quote
  • This window allows you to select the brand(s) your sending to
  • Blank Unit prices, Suppress Zero Qty rows
  • Select Output to

  • Click Next
  • The next window allows you to add a:
  • Stamp (Stamps appear in large print at the top of the RFQ form)
  • Message to Manufacturer – enter message as needed

  • Set Output to
  • Click Print

This creates a Price Request with a target price and message to the manufacturer

Office Copy

This option creates a Internal copy of the quotes and related items. It prints all items related to the quote including the quote, internal notes, all price levels, MFG Summary, Customers Quoted summary

  • Click Office Copy
  • Select the boxes needed
  • Print

Bill of Material

  • Click Bill of Material
  • Select the Customer
  • Prints a simple Bill of Material – no pricing

Specification Registration

Most manufacturers have a form to register specification jobs with them. In cases where they do not, OASIS can print a Specification Registration form suitable to send to a manufacturer

  • Click Specification Registration
  • Select the Manufacturer

  • Then click Next
  • In the request window, select Attention (company & contact if needed)
  • Enter a Stamp (shows in large print at the top of the print - see below example)
  • Enter notes that will show below the Bill of Materials on the print - see example below

Example of Specification Registration print below.