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Resetting the app
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Resetting the app

If instructed by Ingen to reset the device to try and re-sync information, the following steps are how that is done:

1) Delete the device from the device list

Log into OASIS and go to "Configuration" > "Software". Click on "Manage Devices" and find the device you need to delete. Open it by double-clicking the icon, or clicking on the blue link. Click the "Remove Device" button at the bottom of the screen.

2) Clear the app data

On the device, go to "Settings" then tap on "Apps". Find OASIS in the list and tap on it. There will be a button that says "Clear Data". Tap on that to delete all synced information.

3) Restart the sync

Follow the steps in the following help docs to restart the sync process.

OASIS Setup and Configuration

Login and Settings