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Summary Report Builder
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Summary Report Builder


The summary report builder (or SRB) is a sophisticated report builder which allows OASIS users to easily create a customized report based on criteria chosen by the user. Using this tool, a user can quickly report in a summary fashion on several areas of the OASIS program.

Where is it?

You can find it in the Reports section of OASIS under Worksheets > SRB.

What does it look like?

The Builder

The builder is quite simple. By clicking the blue text areas, you can select what you'd like to report on.


Click the "Columns" (blue) and a windows opens to allow you to select the data you want to report on.

Make a Selection (check a box) and the window will close.

Click the "Select" (blue) to select the "Timeframe" and any other filters needed.

then click OK

Click the "Showing" (blue) to choose the rows of data that will show on the report

Click OK

Click the "Group By" (blue) this allows you to select a field/data to group the report by. In the example below, "Manufacturer (list)" was chosen, so the report will show each Manufacturer, totals for each month (columns), and give Commission, Overage and Sell Price for each Manufacturer.

Click OK

Once you've made the selection, press "Update" at the top of the window. 

The Report

The example report shown above would look something like this on the first page:

If multiple report variations need to be saved, such as creating the same report for multiple sales people, you can change the report title and go to File > Save As, then change the title again and go to File > Save As again. Repeat as many times as needed.

Limitations with the report

  • If you select anything for "Group By", then the "Reconciled Amount" field with not work.