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Last modified on 12/18/2013 8:51 AM by User.

Changing the Price Lookup Timeout


OASIS is not giving the price lookup enough time to find the price and insert onto the line causing the "part not found" window to appear or for OASIS to prompt to show the price list.


Increasing the time OASIS allows for the program to wait for a response on the part number's price.


  1. Go to the Configuration Section of OASIS
  2. Click on Software 
  3. Click on Settings under the Global Preferences heading
  4. Change the option for "Price Lookup wait time:" from 1000 to 3500, or if needed 5000 (see screen shots below)

Note: the time interval is in milliseconds. It is not recommended to not set it for anything less than 1000ms.

If you do not see the Configuration or Software sections of OASIS, then you will need to get with the OASIS admin for your company.