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General Tab within Global Settings


Configuration>Software>Settings>General Tab

Within the General tab in Global Settings, there are various items that you can manipulate within Oasis as an admin. 

Option Purpose / Action
Allow free form contacts This allows your contacts to be architects, engineers, and other specifiers
Don't check customer sales, role and rank on save The total deposit amount
Force type fields to UPPER CASE Whenever anything is entered into the type, it will automatically change it to uppercase
Style phone numbers as (###) ###-#### Automatically styles phone numbers in this format
Disable preferences for all users except users with "OASIS Admin" access Only permits admins to access preferences
Manual commission splits Allows the admin to manually apply commission to CSR
Enable SKU lookup Allows you to search by SKU number, but this may slow your database down when searching
Inactivate quotes and close orders when file code is set once file code is set, it will inactivate quotes and close orders
Enable 'Send All' when sending messages from Oasis Allows you to send out mass emails within Oasis
Markings on documents are from the transaction workgroup Allows you to send documents outside of your workgroup
Price lookup wait time The amount of time that Oasis will wait to receive price lists
Use CO (care of) field in addresses Applies CO field to documents
Sample kit default checkout period The amount of time that a sample kit is checked out