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Last modified on 11/27/2012 9:32 AM by User.


How to get log files for Windows Vista and Windows 7

For some problems that a user is seeing with OASIS, it is required to have the log files.  This allows the OASIS Customer Support Team to see if there is anything behind the scene affecting the user’s experience with OASIS.  This document is to assist the user in retrieving log files and send them to Customer Support.

First, go to the start button, and then click on your user folder.

Then double click on the .oasis folder.

Then double click on the logs folder.

These will be the log files.  Change the view to details, and sort by date modified.

Highlight the files that are related to the date and time that the problems were occurring on this machine.  Right click on the highlighted files and select “Send To” > Mail Recipient

This will create a new e-mail using your default e-mailing program, and attach the highlighted files to the e-mail.  Then please send these files to if you have a case number please place (case ####) in the subject of your e-mail, so that there will be less delay in handling your cases.