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Samples Entry
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Samples Entry

(No longer supported)


View basic sample information and add historical notes using the Samples Entry screen.

The top shows the item's part number, manufacturer, and TAG number. There is an image on the right that can be changed by tapping it; or, you can view a larger version if you choose.

Below the header is the action buttons -- here you can check the item back in, check it out if it is available, or add customer notes using the "Shown To" button. The Edit button will open the Sample Editor.

When adding customer notes, you will be required to select the customer and contact that the item was shown to. You can filter this list by typing in the "Filter" textbox.

Once you select a customer, you can type any notes you wish regarding their response.

Once you save, the history will be updated accordingly. You can scroll through the history to see previous notes from other customers regarding this item.