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Samples Listing
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Samples Listing

(No longer supported)


Search, check out, or check in samples in the Samples Listing.

  • Item - Search by part number
  • Active Only - A toggle to only show active samples
  • My Items Only - A filter to only show items you have checked out
  • Quick Links:
    • Available - Items that are not currently checked out
    • Checked Out - Items that are currently checked out
    • Scheduled Items - Items that are scheduled to be checked out at a later date

In addition to searching, you can use the menu items to interact with the samples. 

  • New - Not implemented at this time
  • Scan Item - Use the barcode scanner to scan a printed barcode and search for the item
  • Check In - Check in an item using the barcode scanner
  • Check Out - Check out an item using the barcode scanner

Once you have searched for an item, the search results will appear

Items showing in red are checked out by you and past due, while items in green are currently checked out by you but within the due date.

You can interact with the item by tapping on the checkin/checkout buttons to the right, or open the sample entry by tapping the item itself.

When checking out an item, you will be required to give a date expected back and the condition of the item when you initially checked it out. Fill out the form before tapping "Save".

When checking in, the date is pre-populated with today's date. Be sure to correct it if you are entering something that was checked-in in the past. 

If you are not the user who checked out the item, you can still check it in; however, you must be sure that the item is truly checked back in.