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Setting up the Distributor Demo of OASIS

Thank you for your interest in the OASIS program. To get started with testing out a demo of the OASIS program, please contact Tony Moss at or (501) 843-6750 to retrieve the demo license file that you will need later in the installation. This documentation assumes that you will be testing the software on one machine (Windows 7 used as the example). You can easily test it in a server/client environment by following the instructions below on the server and then installing the client version onto a separate machine.

Downloading the program

In your web browser, navigate to

You will be presented with the following page. Choose your operating system to proceed to the download selection page.

After selecting your operating system, select the appropriate download. For this tutorial, get the server version of OASIS. If you are unsure if your system is 32-bit or 64-bit, then use the 32-bit version.

Running the installer

Navigate to the folder where you saved the OASIS installer. Then, double-click the installer to run it. Your installer may have a different name than the one shown here.

If you are prompted with a security warning, press Run to launch the installer. You should then be prompted with this window:

Press next.

In this screen, you'll select the installation directory. This can be any directory, but it is recommended to use the default, so that we know where to look if you have any problems in the future. When you're finished configuring, press next twice. OASIS will be installed on your computer. Once this has finished, close the installer.

Creating the database

To create the database, you need to use the ASA Configuration Tool. This can be found in the Database folder within the OASIS folder. On Windows 7, this can be found in the Start menu. Remember, the names will be slightly different for a 32-bit installation.

From within the Configuration tool, go to File > New Service.

Click "OK" in the pop-up.

This will create the OASIS database. Click "Ok" at the first pop-up, and you should see the following pop-up.

This indicates that the database was created successfully. If you get any other message here, contact Ingen Software at (501) 843-6750.

Starting the database

On the main ASA window, press "Start" to start the database.

The window might freeze for a moment. This is normal. After a few seconds, you should get this pop-up.

Logging into OASIS

To log into the database, you need to use the OASIS client. To open it, you can click on it in the Start menu like so...

... or you can click and drag that onto your desktop to have an icon there as well. Both methods will give you the same result.

Next, you'll be able to enter your database login information as follows:

When you log into your new database, you may get this pop-up. Press "Yes."

After that, your database will be configured, and you'll be prompted to log in.

Log in as "demo" with no password.

Applying the License File

After your first login attempt, you'll be prompted with this pop-up:

Open the license viewer. Make sure the information in the "Licensed To:" and "DBID:" fields are typed EXACTLY as they are below.

Press "Add..." in the license viewer. Navigate to where the license file is saved, and select it.

Press "Open" to add the license. You may now press "Close" to exit the license viewer and log in as "demo" with no password.

*Testing your demo of OASIS*