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Bookings Report by Salesman
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Last modified on 11/28/2017 8:33 AM by User.

Bookings Report by Salesman


This is a simple report showing bookings by salesman. The selection will only show orders that have been entered but not invoiced.

Creating the Report

To create the report, select the OASIS orders application, then "(New) Customizable Invoice Listing" from the "Reports" menu:


This will show the report builder window:


Click on the "Selection" button:


Select the desired timeframe.


Other selection items may be added. For this example, select the "Money" Tab, and set the flag "No Invoice":


Press "Ok."


Next, select the "Grouping" button:


Fields available to be grouped by are on the right, and may be added to the grouping box on the left. It makes most sense to just do one field per report, otherwise the report will be rather long or may not produce the results desired. In this example, we use the "Sales Account" (the outside sales person), but we could have added "Customer," "Manufacturer," or any other field.

Sort button - We won’t add any sorting fields, but each group of orders could be sorted by order number or any number of other data fields:


Filter button - We don’t filter this report, but the filter is used to select only one or more of the report groupings defined in the "Grouping" button. In this case, we could just run the report for one salesperson:



Layout button - Additionally, the layout may be altered to include or exclude fields. Just click on the "Layout" button and adjust the columns. This will put the columns on the report you want to see, widths/spacing you want, data under each row desired, arranged in the order you want

If no other data is needed, simply remove the items in the "Fields Displayed in Their Own Row" box.



Here is an example: