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(No longer supported)


Attachments from OASIS transactions are fully functional on mobile as well. You are able to use existing attachments as well as attach new items of your own.


Attachments are grouped by the categories assigned to them -- un-categorized attachments show under the "Uncategorized" group. You can edit or view an attachment by tapping on the item.

Most items are viewable via built-in applications: examples include PDFs, Word/Excel documents, images, and text files. Some items may require additional apps to view or run. You will be presented with a list of available applications if it finds at least one that can open it

While adding or editing an item, you can add notes to it as well as tag the MFG or customer it belongs to -- just as you can in the desktop version.

You can also long-tap (tap-and-hold) an item for the option to email it out. Non-file attachments (such as notes and reminders) cannot be emailed this way.