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OASIS Setup and Configuration
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OASIS Setup and Configuration

NOTE: This process has been archived in favor of a cloud-based sync setup. For the current process, click here to view the new help document.

This article covers how to set up an OASIS terminal to broadcast the sync service.

NOTE: The recommended version of OASIS is W356D2 or later. Please be sure to check your version before proceeding.

Starting the Service

OASIS will need to be ran by an admin user (one who has access to Configuration > Software). Under Configuration > Software, click on "Publish" under "Mobile Devices".

In the window that appears, there is a "Start" button. Click on that to start the service. The port number can be change prior to clicking on the "Start" button, if necessary. While the service is running, OASIS must be running on the machine to keep the sync service running. 

Managing Device Access

In order to add devices to the database, you will need to have a device connect to the IP and port of the machine broadcasting the sync service. The device will connect, but be denied access because it is not yet "authorized." On the device, a message similar to the following will appear:

Back in OASIS, you will need to click on the "Manage Devices" link to open the list of approved or pending devices.

You will see the device listed by the MFG's internal product name (listed above in this case as Nexus 7). The pending devices will have "Access requested - not yet active" next to them. Double-click the device (or click the blue link) to open the device manager.

The following settings affect the synced information (some are required):

  • Description - The name that the device is displayed under the "Manage Devices" screen. This is pre-populated with the device MFG's internal product name, but can be changed to be whatever you wish.
  • Assigned User - The user which this device should sync information for.
  • My Transactions Only - Only sync information which the user is assigned to (CSR, Quoter, Sales Account). Only affects information such as orders and quotes (customer/contact information should all sync).
  • Active vs. Block - If the device should or should not sync.
  • Projects - A timeframe of how far back to prime the orders data -- future orders will continue to sync. It is recommended to start small.
  • Orders - A timeframe of how far back to prime the orders data -- future orders will continue to sync. It is recommended to start small.
  • Samples - Affects the syncing of samples data; on by default.

The "Status" tab displays the log information associated with the sync. This will be helpful when diagnosing sync issues. The log will start off small, but quickly grow as it processes which transactions to sync. The tables will have the number of items left to sync next to them. The device should display a progress bar on it giving an indication of how far along it is on the sync.

Q & A

Q: I am having issues getting the sync process to start. It keeps giving me an error!

A: You may need to run OASIS as an administrator (windows administrator). Try holding the "Shift" key on your keyboard, then right-click the OASIS icon and select "Run as administrator". Try starting the sync again.

Q: I'm not able to get a device to show up in my device list.

A: Make sure that the device is on a wifi connection, and that the router is on the same network as the machine broadcasting the sync. Also make sure that there are no firewalls blocking the port you are operating on. Double-check that the ip address is correct. If all of the above checks out, send us the OASIS log files from the machine broadcasting the sync. You could also try using a different machine, or see if you are getting any errors on the OASIS app.

Q: My data is not syncing!

A: Usually this is a setup problem. Make sure that the device was given the proper user in the setup on the server side. Also make sure that the timeframe for orders and projects was set up. If the setup looks good, but you are missing a large amount of information, send us log files from OASIS and the OASIS app (via the open ticket feature). If it is a specific transaction you are missing, open ticket the transaction from inside OASIS, and we can see what's going on.

Q: The sync is taking forever to finish. 

A: Most of the time, the attachments are what slow the sync to what appears to be a halt. The sync process will try to prioritize non-attachment transactions first, hopefully completing a large chunk of items upfront. However, because of differing hardware, networks, and multi-process code, a "race condition" may happen where the prioritization gets mixed around. In these cases, try sending us the OASIS log files and the device logs (via open ticket).  You may be asked to try resetting the sync, but there also may be a transaction blocking the device from syncing further.