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Outlook Draft to Sent Folder
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Outlook Draft to Sent Folder


This Document is to assist in resolving an issue with Outlook.  The problem's symptoms are messages being sent from OASIS go to Outlook's Draft Folder rather than it's sent folder.  The following are instructions on how to modify OASIS to possibly resolve the issue.  Results are not gauranteed.  Especially with how many updates that Microsoft continually sends out, this method maybe obsolete.  This is currently working as of December 2008.


Instructions to Modify OASIS

Forcing sent messages to go from the Draft’s folder to the Sent folder in Outlook. 

Go to my computer.  (Vista users will select this from their start menu.  XP users will use the shortcut on their desktop.)

Open the C: drive



Locate the Program Files folder.



Open the OASIS27 folder.



Open the JRE folder


Open the Bin folder



Delete the following 2 files only

·         javaw.exe.manifest

·         ISTAD_RD.dll