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Last modified on 6/26/2013 12:10 PM by User.


OSRAM / Sylvania Specialization Setup

To setup the OSRAM / Sylvania specialization, you will need to complete the following steps

  1. Set the specialization
  2. Add your agent number
  3. Setup customer account codes

All of this setup is done by opening (or creating) the manufacturer entry for OSRAM / Sylvania.

Set the specialization

This is really simple, just select "OSRAM Sylvania" in the "Specialization" drop down. (Look in the box labeled Connectivity.)

Add your agent number

Select the "Terms" tab and key your agent number for OSRAM / Sylvania:

Setup customer account codes

Select the "Accounts" tab then ..

For each customer, you must set the OSRAM / Sylvania account number for the customer. Just press the insert row button to add one or more customers to the accounts tab:

Save and close the manufacturer entry.