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Last modified on 8/9/2018 9:28 AM by User.

Quoting Multiple Customers &  Contractor Counts Differences

On many jobs you may need to quote different distributors/customers. You quote distributors, quote contractors direct, or quote contractors for distributors.

In any case, OASIS keeps track of all these. Even if a contractor changes counts from the original quoted quantities. The following sections will cover these scenarios and show how to handle in OASIS. There is NO need to have multiple “New bid likes” or phases. It can all be done in the same phase or job.

If the contractor has Count differences, just add the contractor, then add Counts, Adjust the Counts using the matrix screen and OASIS tracks what Counts belong to who.

If that Distributor is the “Winning” customer, you can convert that set of Counts to the order. No need to create anything else.

Follow these steps below:

Quoting multiple Distributors or Contractors direct

In a Quote (Bid tab):

Go to the Customers tab. Below is an example of quoting 4 distributors/customers

Here’s how:

In the Customers tab, click the “Add Customer” button. The window below appears. Check the box for each customer you want to quote


Click “Show Contacts” to select the specific person you want to send the quote to. (This allows your to email the person directly)

To select more than one, check any other boxes needed.

Then click OK and the customers you select should show in the list to left under the quote number.

Again, if you are quoting a specific person at the customer, then click the “Show Contacts” and the list of contacts will appear

Select/ check the Contact(s) needed – Example below

The Contact’s name will appear in the quote details (right) when clicking/highlighting the customer

Quoting a contractor for a distributor

In the Customers tab, highlight the Distributor/customer and click the “Add Contractor” button. When the window appears, select the Contractor OR click “Show Contacts” and select the person at the Contractor. You can also select multiple Contractors.

Click OK

The Contractors will be show as “Sub-lines” under the distributor- see below

Print the Quote


Showing /Tracking Changing counts (Contractor generally)

To Change / show the counts quoted by different Contractors, just highlight the Contractors and right-click.

Select “Add Counts to…..”

You can then click on or highlight the Counts and the Counts will appear in the window to the right.

Changing Counts

In the Contractor column, change the Counts/Qtys on any line listed – see below

Many times you may be quoting multiple contractors for a distributor(s) and want to view the different counts on one screen.

To view all the Counts, click a “Counts” button (to the right of the Contractor) then hold your Control (Ctrl) key down and select the other Count buttons you want to see. Should look similar to the one below

When converting the Quote to an order and have the Contractor Counts to also go to the order, 

 - highlight the Distributor, then click the "Status" drop down. Instead of Win select the Contractor (this will force the counts to the order)

To see the “Money $$” or pricing associated with those Contractor Counts:

  • Click back on the Items tab (BOM)
  • Click the Quote Number "TRTY15-233" in the header area, it will open a window
  • This allows you to select the Distributor and Contractor. Select the Contractor.
  • The screen will display the Quote with the Contractor counts and $$ related to those counts.
  • You can switch back and forth as needed.

Shown below with those Contractor Counts and related money

You can add Contractor counts to the Bill of Material via File and Preferences and the below highlighted columns.