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Tracking Competition in OASIS
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Tracking Competition in OASIS


At times a job may be bid, and not awarded to you. You have collected information and data related to the job, customers and specifiers involved. Though you didn’t get the job, the data may be helpful to report on. One way is to enter your competition in OASIS and then tell OASIS who got the job and make it inactive. The steps below will show you how to quickly enter your competition and then enter them on a lost job.


In Projects

-          Go to File, then Configuration


In the Configure project data screen,

-          Click the Competition tab

-          Enter a Name (Competition)

-          Enter any Notes needed. (optional)


Click OK.



When bidding a job,

-          Should you not win the job, you can,

-          Select who of your competition got the job by clicking the drop down for “Won By”

-          Inactivate the job – uncheck the “Active” box

-          NOTE – inactivating a job will remove it from any active quote reports



-          In reports there is an active quote   check box.

-          Checking the box will only show active quotes

-          Unchecking the box will include all quotes (both active and inactive)