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Using a spread sheet with commissions payment information


Ideally, we like to pull payment information directly from the manufacturer's server into OASIS. This automates the process nicely and allows Ingen Software to work with the manufacturer to ensure file formatting is consistent.

This document describes a feature allowing a user to import most any spread sheet into OASIS, saving keying the invoice number and amount paid.

Step By Step

  1. Create a payment for the manufacturer, entering in all the header information (check number and amount of check).
  2. Select the "Tools" menu then select "Load CSV or XLS".
  3. Identify whether or not the file has a header
  4. Select invoice and amount columns.
  5. Import the file
  6. Print the results

Create a payment

Select the "payments" application in OASIS and select "File"->"New"->"New Commission Check". Select the parent manufacturer for the company.

Create a payment normally:

Select the "Tools" menu then select "Load CSV or XLS"

Next, select the file sent to you from the manufacturer:

This will display the file contents:

Identify whether or not the file has a header

If the file has a row containing column headers, then press the "Has Headers" check box. The row with the headers will be pulled into the column titles:

Select invoice and amount columns

The system will attempt to find the invoice number and amount paid columns. Make sure the blue text/links show the proper column name/number for the invoice (top link) and amount paid on the invoice (bottom link). To reset, click on a column header and click the corresponding link:

Import the file

Next, press the "Import" button. This will attempt to find the invoice, pull the invoice into the payment and then add the amount paid to the invoice. A popup will show the amount applied to "found" invoices and the amount remaining because the invoice was not found:

Print the results

Press the "Print" button to create a report showing what invoices were not found and a list of the invoices that money was applied to:

The payment updates immediately - just as if you keyed the information manually.