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Customers for Distributors


Customers in OASIS include anyone who is not a manufacturer.  Some of the supported customer roles include Architects, Engineers, Contractors, etc.basically anyone who you do business with or might be a part of a job.


OASIS not only tracks contractors, but also tracks "specifiers" related to each project/job. OASIS uses this information for job status, customer follow-ups and reporting. We highly encourage groups to enter all the customers that can be involved in a job.


  • Track parent –child relationships
  • Customers are stored by role: Architect, Engineer, Contractor, etc
  • Create new roles as needed.
  • OASIS workgroups allow distributors to map customer to a specific workgroup or workgroups when it is necessary to limit interaction with a customer
  • Send mass emails
  • Assign a sales person to the customer.Set up their credit hold status (soft and hard holds), taxability, and assign sales tax accounts.
  • Set up specific new order messages for a customer.  Great for times when you need to prevent an order.
  • Add terms that appear on every order for this customer. Great for special shipping requirements.
  • Add terms that appear on every resell invoice sent to a customer.
  • Track sales and earnings goals for a customer.