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Projects for Distributors


A better quoting system starts with a better way to save and store information. OASIS stores job information in a project and phase system. Distributors will quote both lighting and power and distribution projects for the same job. OASIS stores the project as Kansas State University-Anderson Hall and the phases as the different jobs or quotes issued on construction at Kansas State University-Anderson Hall-Lighting and Kansas State University-Anderson Hall-Switchgear.

  • Keep related jobs/phases together under one “umbrella” or entry
  • Track and search multiple job names or aliases for the same project
  • Find jobs more easily by searching many different aspects of a job including very specific criteria such as specifier, part number, or custom field, etc.
  • Create & identify each bid/bill of material, keeping old revisions 
  • Assign jobs to a particular color-coded category(rank) on the bid board allowing for prioritization or identification of jobs

     Store important identifying information in the job

  •      Track multiple representative quotes and costs to determine which one has the most complete and competitive package. 
  •      Track quoters and CSR’s (project managers)for the job
  •      Track sales person credit automatically based upon specifiers on the project or enter sales credit manually
  •      Add all specifiers and their contact persons related to the job
  •      Create custom fields for tracking and reporting
  •      Internal notes pop up upon entering the project allowing crucial information to be readily viewed by all users.

     OASIS allows you to start a project in the crucial prebid design phase.  Its follow up tools not only provide the sales team with the ability to track the job but it facilitates communication with the quoters who can have access to crucial job information without having to request it

Capture conversations and project details for follow-up and reporting 

  • Assign tasks to yourself or other users for follow up with specific customers on specific projects
  • Add contractor to each job giving the users the option for accurate customer success or hit rate reporting

OASIS can be configured to be a quoter’s best ally. It can be configured to pull commonly used information like a customer’s assigned sales person, pricing from a price list and freight allowances. Automating basic information can improve accuracy and increase effectiveness of the quoters.  Any information that is pulled into the quote form can be overwritten easily when needed. 

  • Create company-wide or save specific individual layouts
  • Easily add, delete or move lines on the quote screen.  Copy and paste from one part of the quote to another or copy and paste from Excel
  • Use the OASIS contained configurator
  • Add and use price lists to quickly select and price items on the quote
  • Track reference pricing including book and base pricing
  • Quote 4 levels of pricing on the same job
  • Easily “mark up” columns of pricing on the job or spread profit
  • Handle staged jobs or alternate bills of material
  • Lamp features that allow the user to choose how they are shown on the quote, and whether they are shown on submittals.
  • Track part history and crossovers
  • Easily recall what lamps were used with what fixtures and standard kits from history
  • Handle items, services and profit
  • Pricing grid allows users to quickly view the cost, total price, profit and gross profit for each level of pricing
  • Add notes to the line or the entire quote
  • Create and save note templates making it easier and quicker to add quote specific notes.
  • Create a standard terms (boiler plate) that appears on each quote
  • Our office copy allows users to view the entire quote in paper form to analyze the job


Track Projects by Manufacturers Quoted

  • View manufacturer websites from the quote
  • View manufacturer breakdown of quote including whether the job has met freight requirements for individual manufacturers
  • Create manufacturer specific text terms that only appear when that manufacturer is on the quote.  This is helpful for deposit, shipping or other important information.

 Interact with Customers

Manage your customers rather than letting them manage you with OASIS extensive projects tools.

  • Access customer specific SPA’s from price lists
  • Add contractors to each job giving the users the option for accurate customer success or “hit rate” reporting
  • “Send Message” a quote to multiple contractors with differing price levels and differing contractor counts easily and quickly.  The user creates a personalized email for each contractor with their copy of the quote and any added attachments.
  • Assign customers to receive a level of pricing on a job by job basi

Submittals and Orders

     A project is just the beginning of the integrated project management process in OASIS.  

  •      Create submittals from quote.  Use column notes to display needed information that will print on submittal sheet such as “Please specify voltage” etc.
  •         Track change orders from the quote level
  •      Convert orders directly from the quote
  • Report on shipping status for the entire project
  • View the entire project with all of its transactions in the attachments tree/map.  Open any transactions related to the project like orders and submittals by double clicking the matching icon.
  • Color coded fields make it easy for users to identify which parts have been ordered, invoiced, and shipped from the quote screen.