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Home Screen for Distributors

The home screen is the first screen a user sees when logging into OASIS. It will tell you the user entry you're logged on under, what workgroup, the date, and the time. It will also display reminders, messages, and your agenda. 

·         Set and receive reminders to complete tasks

·         Track orders that have not yet been sent to the representative

·         Receive notifications about orders and invoices that need review or dispute

·         View the priority coded bid board

·         Quickly find and view transactions that you created or recently worked on

·         Track problem PO’s eliminating the need to keep a stack of files on your desk

·         View assigned sales tasks for a project

·         View weekly totals of orders

·         Search for projects or orders

·         Search for contacts

·         Quickly find and view a submittal cut sheet in the system.