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Last modified on 10/29/2015 9:47 AM by User.


Retrieving log files to send to Oasis Support

Error logs are very useful when troubleshooting issues. The Oasis Support Team will usually ask a user for all of the logs from the day the error occurred. Here are some operating system specific links to explain how to retrieve the OASIS log files for troubleshooting.

Retrieving log files on Windows XP

Retrieving log files on Windows Vista/7

Retrieving log files on Windows 8\8.1\10

Retrieving log files on Mac OSX

If you are still unable to find the Log files, you can get a direct link to them from:  Help->Optimize OASIS, then scroll down to User Directory and click the link for OASIS Default Boot Directory.  This will take you to the folder that has the .oasis folder.