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Manufacturers»Setting up Lead Times
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Last modified on 11/20/2012 1:45 PM by User.


Setting up Lead Times

OASIS users can estimate ship dates by establishing lead times for stock (no quote) and project orders by entering the number of calendar days into the manufacturer entry. 

Locate and open the manufacturer entry.  Go to the Terms tab and select the "Freight/Shipping" tab from the right.  Type in the average number of calendar days for stock orders in the "StockLeadTime" field and the corresponding number for project orders into the "ProjectLeadTime" fields. 

This will cause OASIS to fill in the estimated ship date on the order line based upon adding the number of calendar days to the date the order was created.  In the example below, the order was a stock order so it added 10 days to the date.   


Estimated dates will print on customer status (shipping) reports with a legend of EST for estimated.