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Importing Manufacturer setup for Canadian Agents


To Use OASIS importing features, manufacturers must be set up with a currency type and a Landing Factor. 

Find an open the manufacturer in OASIS,  Go to the terms tab>Order terms and select the currency type.  Type in your landing factor and save and close the entry. 

Landing Factor

UPDATE INFORMATION: This document is correct for Projects 2 and Quotes 2. However, the Base column is not used for the landed cost in the Version 2 systems. Instead, a new "Landed" column shows the cost after import (fees, exchange, etc) and the difference between sell and the new landed column is profit.

The example manufacturer above is located in the US and sells products in US dollars. The landing factor allows agents who import fixtures from another country into their own to calculate an estimate of what the actual cost of a fixture is once it is purchased in the manufacturer’s currency and all costs associated with the import of that fixture are factored in (duty, etc). The landing factor is also required to enable the OASIS import logic.

Generic: Landed = (Cost in factory denomination) * (Landing Factor) / (Exchange Rate)

For the importing piece to function correctly, users must set up the following:

  • Global setting for putting landed cost in the base column in quotes. 
  • Currency
  • Manufacturer set up of both currency and landing factor. A landing factor of 1.0 enables the logic, but assumes there are no costs, taxes or other fees associated with the import (not likely). (The example shows that the costs to import are about 35% more than the cost of the item.)