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Last modified on 5/25/2017 10:42 AM by User.

Setting up Goals by Manufacturer

OASIS can track sales and earnings goals by manufacturer, customer and sales account.  To add Manufacturer specific goals, open the manufacturer entry and going to the "Goals" tab. 


Users can track sales and/or earnings goals for a manufacturer on the goals tab.  Create a goal by:

  • Giving it a unique name
  • Start and end dates
  • Add Sales Account ID, customer ID's or change the source, if desired.
  • Enter Earnings and sales amount
  • Check the "Track" option for easy reporting across brands. 

Running a Goals report

Go to the Reports section and select "Goal" from the "Worksheets" menu.

Reports can be run for a particular manufacturer, distributor or sales account.  In the alternative, the user can run a report across all "tracked" goals. 

Sample report below.