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Last modified on 11/16/2012 5:02 PM by User.


Adding Manufacturer Specific terms that print on Quotes, Orders, invoices and pricebooks.

OASIS allows users to add text related to a Manufacturer to appear on certain transactions including:

  • Customer confirming copy of purchase order
  • Manufacturer copy of commissioned order
  • Projects/Quotes*
  • Price books

*Any information added to the terms text tab of a manufacturer will automatically appear on the corresponding transaction EXCEPT for quotes sent to the customer.  Users must choose to have that text print on the quote. 


To add text, open the manufacturer entry and go to the "Terms Text" tab. Select the transaction you want to add text to from the tabs on the right. The example below covers quotes as that is the most complicated situation. 



Quotes Manufacturer Terms regarding freight

OASIS calculates freight allowance using the data entered on the Terms tab.  If a user chooses to show the "manufacturer terms" on the quote, the standard data will ONLY show whether the quote made freight for that manufacturer NOT the dollar value or weight required to make freight.  If a user wants to show that data it must be keyed in on the "Terms Text" tab.

When printing the customer copy of the quote, choose "Show manufacturer terms" in the select print options window. OASIS will only show the terms for manufacturers included in the quote. 

See quote example below.