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Contacts - Conversations view
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Contacts - Conversations view


There are many CRM tools on the market that allow conversations, sales tracking to be recorded, tracked and reported. OASIS users have asked us to develop some of these tools for OASIS so that the entire sales process can be done in one program. We listened and gathered feedback so now these tools have been implemented in OASIS in the Contacts section of OASIS. We call it "Conversations View"

How to use:

Normally users see a list of contacts when selecting a group from the blue tool bar on the right or doing  'Find"

Example below

There is now a new tool bar item and search options on the blue search bar, see below.

Clicking the toolbar button switches the view to "Conversations View". It will show any contacts selected/viewed with:

  • the email address for thecontact - Click to create and send an email to thecontact
  • Click History to see previous conversations
  • Click Add to add new conversations
  • Click Leave Catalog to leave a catalog/literature from inventory
  • Click Leave Sample to Check out a sample for this contact

Click the History button to view the most recent conversation

To see additional previous conversations, click "more..." (keep clicking to more conversations)


Emailing the Contact

If an email address has been entered for this contact it will appear below the contact name

To email, click the email address

The Send Message window appears, enter info and any attachments and send

Adding New Conversations

  • Click the "Add" button on the Conversation line
  • Type any text needed (2000 characters)
  • The Click "Add"
  • The conversation will be added to the contact

Conversation added

Leave a Catalog (Literature)

  • Click "Leave Catalog". The window will appear with any available Catalogs to leave
  • Check the Box(es) for the brands you want to leave or have left

  • Message window will appear showing the information has been saved

Leaving a Sample

  • Click "Leave Sample". The window will appear showing Samples
  • NOTE - Any samples currently checked out by other users will be noted below the Manufacturer name
  • These samples will NOT be available to leave. Only "available" samples can be left
  • Check the box for the sample needed to leave
  • A message window will appear