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Last modified on 11/15/2012 11:58 AM by User.


Assigning a Contact to a Salesperson

Some clients have the need to assign multiple salespersons to a customer.  The only method OASIS has to do this is to assign salespeople by contact.  

Open the contact entry and view the "Company Details" tab.

 Choose the role for the contact,  Add influence as follows:

  • A-Rank equivalent-  type in 70
  • B-Rank equivalent-  type in 50
  • C-Rank equivalent-  type in 30
  • D-Rank equivalent-  type in 10

Select the name of the salesperson who calls upon that contact.  

This feature is designed to work in Projects/Quotes only.  DO NOT set up the customer with a ranking and a salesperson.  Each contact will need to be set up with its own role, influence and salesperson.