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Features for Sales Agents»Web Portal (Optional)
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Web Portal (Optional)


The web piece is the only optional “Add on” piece of OASIS for agents who want to focus on customer services. It is a service that allows your existing website access to your OASIS database and provide specific limited information to personnel and customers.   It supports versions for desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. The web piece allows agents to do the following:

Customer User Access:

  • Create and manage customer user entries allowing or denying customer access to the portal
  • Provide customers access to order status (shipping) across all of the material in the project
  • Customers are limited to seeing their own transactions. 
  • Choose what pricing to make viewable to customers on the web.

Customer User Features:

  • Allow customers to link to shipping websites so that they track the progress of the shipped material
  • Show customers the bid board
  • Share the manufacturer line card
  • Give customers the ability to easily send an email to the CSR's (project managers) handling their orders
  • View Order pricing available to any customer.

Agent Users:

  • Access all of the features that customers can access.
  • See all customer information whereas customers only have access to their own information.
  • View basic project bill of material information and follow up information.
  • Can add follow up information to project 
  • Add contacts and view customer information.