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OASIS supports a sophisticated and integrated resell system. OASIS can manage multiple resell entities in the same database.  Users can easily quote commissioned and resell items in the same quote.  When it is time for them to sent out a manufacturer's breakout, OASIS combines all of the resell items onto a single entry under the resell company's name so that the customer creates the order to the agent and not the underlying vendor.  The resell order contains both the vendor and customer orders.  OASIS will generate the vendor order(s) as a part of the order process. 


·         Simplified resell order management.

·         Handle vendors who allow resell, vendors who only resell and services provided by the agent.

·         Resell is integrated throughout the project process.  Resell items can be included on the quote with or without a cost

·         Easily invoice for services and profit

·         Aged Invoices reports

·       Export of customer invoices to Quickbooks Pro™ version 2011 or later

·         Create vendor PO’s

·         Track manufacturer invoices

·         Manage inventory for resell.