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OASIS has a simple inventory system for tracking anchor bolts, lamps, resell items, buy-backs and more. It is not meant to handle a large warehouse. Basic Inventory can support one warehouse; containing either/both consigned and resell items. Consigned type items can be sold through commissioned orders and resell type items through resell orders.  Items are entered through receipts that are linked to the price lists. Items not already included in the manufacturer price lists can be added through the receipt process.  Reports can easily help users manage the warehouse by giving an accurate account of items in the warehouse; the activity of items stocked in the warehouse; the profit or loss for the agency and reports for the factory.

·        Maintain consigned and/or resell inventories

·        Receive and manage items into the stock closet quickly and easily

·        Add received items into a price list

·        Use price list to confirm accurate entry of items into the closet/warehouse

·        See warehouse available quantity inside of the order automatically

·        Use commissioned orders to sell items from consigned inventory

·        Use resell orders to sell items from resell inventory by showing available quantity inside the order.

·        Produce reports showing current inventory; warehouse activity; profit and loss; and reports for the factory.

·        Audit the warehouse