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Backups to a User's PC
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Last modified on 7/16/2015 10:14 AM by User.


Backups to a User's PC


Writing the Backup

One affordable option for backing up the OASIS database is to copy the database to a user’s PC.  Most PCs today have hard drive much larger than the OASIS database and this space is seldom used.

Although it is a manual process, at the end of the day, simply have a user follow the steps showing how to run dbbackup from the OASIS GUI.


Begin by identifying the last compete oasis.db file on a user’s PC.  Then identify all the files ending in .log created after the oasis.db file was crated.  Please note that if multiple user PCs are being used, then all user PCs must be reviewed for the latest oasis.db file and to collect all the .log files.  Proceed to the “Standard database recovery” section of the Backups document.