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Backups to a USB Connected Drive or other Media


Writing the Backup

USB hard drives have become very affordable and may be less expensive than many tape solutions.  If you are using a commercial backup solution with a USB drive, then follow the instructions in the document for Backups to Removable Drives and Other Media.

For most users, installation of the USB drive is simply – just plug it in. Then note the drive letter Windows assigns to the USB drive, such as “Local Disc E”.

Once installed, follow the steps  in the Automatically copy the backup document.  What is nice is that solution is completely automatic.  However, we strongly recommend that the drive be inspected from time to time to ensure the files “oasis.db” and “oasis.log” are being written and have the following:

-        A large size – larger than 1 MB or 1000 KB.
-        Both files have a date within 24 hours of the current time.


Begin by identifying the last compete oasis.db file available on the USB drive . Then identify all the files ending in .log created after the oasis.db file was crated.  Proceed to the Standard database recovery section of the Backups document.