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How To Find Transactions In OASIS

Searching in OASIS is easy.  Some basic searches for Projects or orders can be made from the home screen.  Other more detailed searches based upon the unique characteristics of the transaction can be made from the search bar inside the application for the transaction. 


To Search from the Home Screen

Go to the home screen and type in the fields at the bottom of the screen .

  • To search by Project name, type the name into the "Job field"  If the user does not know the full job name a "*"  our wild character can be added to the beginning or middle of the job name.  OASIS always searches as if a "*" has been typed in at the end of whatever is entered into the field. OASIS will display all quotes and orders associated with that Project name
  • To search by Quote number enter a "#" sign and the portion of the quote number after the year.  No dashes are required.  OASIS will display all quotes that contain all or part of that quote number along with any associated orders. 
  • To search for a purchase order number, type the number into the PO field and OASIS will bring up any matching orders.


Searching inside the Application

Each application in OASIS has a search bar that allows the user to search by the basic criteria of the type of transaction stored there.  

  • Contacts, Customers, and Manufacturers can be searched for by name. 
  • Projects Submittals, Orders, Invoices and Payments can be searched for by Project name, PO number or users can view all transactions created within a certain time frame. 
  • Each application may have unique search criteria by status or other filtering information. 

Advanced Search

In each application, there is  "Find" link that allows users to find a transaction by using specific identifying criteria.  To access that information the user would click on the "Find" link as shown in the screenshot above.  Once the Advanced find dialog box is open, the user can add all of the unique criteria known about the transaction to attempt to locate it in OASIS.  The Projects/Quotes find window is shown below as an example.

  • The basic /more tabs will contain time frames the user can use to limit or filter the results.  It will also contain general identifying information fields including status and type choices. 
  • The money tab will allow the user to filter or limit the results based upon a dollar value
  • The Internal tab will contain fields associated with your company including workgroup, quoter, CSR, sales account and assigned to information
  • The Parties tab will contain fields associated with any other entity involved in the transaction such as customer, specifier, architect, etc. 
  • The Notes tab allows users to search the notes and internal notes tab of the transaction. 
  • The Attachments tab allows users the search for items contained in the attachments tab of the transaction by description or note
  • The Search Keys tab allow users to search for custom fields added to the transaction by the client.


Example Search:

If the user wants to locate a job with a particular fixture that was quoted in the last month, they can use the following combination to search for any jobs that fit that criteria

  • Partial Job name if available. 
  • Create Time Frame
  • Part number as much as possible 
  • Manufacturer