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Using DBbackup for one time ba…
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Last modified on 7/16/2015 10:02 AM by User.

Using DBbackup for one time backup

The dbbackup command may be run from a command line or from the OASIS GUI. The advantage of dbbackup is that the database may be copied to another computer without making a copy on the local server and may be run while others are using the system. (This should be used by IT professionals or advanced users only.)

To run dbbackup from a command line, create a script or open a command prompt and key “dbbackup -h" for help. A common use of the command is shown below that may be run at any time and from any computer on the local network:

               c:\progra~1\oasis273\asa16\bin64\dbbackup -y -r -c dsn=oasis c:\oasis_backup

To run dbbackup from the OASIS GUI, select the “Configuration” folder, then select “Software”. Click on “Backup” under “Adaptive Server Anywhere”.