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Downloading Pricing



H.E. Williams pricing is a manually downloaded selection of end items.  The price list will automatically expire at the end of each calendar quarter.  Users will receive notification that it has expired during the pricing process.  OASIS will provide a popup that will indicate that the pricing is out of date.  That will be the only notification that a user should download new pricing.  


NOTE: The following assumes you have gone through the setup process detailed here.

To download pricing for H.E. Williams, navigate to the Pricing section of OASIS under "Manufacturers." Locate your HE Williams manufacturer entry in the list, and click once to highlight them. From there, go to the "Tools" menu and select "Update Pricing".

Once you do so, a window will appear with the status of the download. Wait until this window disappears and you will get a copy of the price list on your screen.

Each price is set with an expiration date by a quarter (every 3 month).