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The OASIS orders process makes it easy for users to create, track, update, and reconcile jobs.

  • Create project and stock orders with ease.
  •  Convert orders directly from projects or quick quotes for ease and accuracy
  • Handle complex projects including staged jobs, alternate bills of material, and kits
  • Handle hold, partially released, fully released, and canceled orders
  • Combine “child brands” on the same order when allowed by the manufacturer
  • Get customer specific pricing by assigning a customer to a level of pricing in the price list.
  • Cancel individual parts through a change order or cancel the entire order. Revert cancelled orders if the manufacturer ships anyway
  • Complete change order system
  • Quickly create stock orders
  • Manage RMA’s and RMA responses from the manufacturer
  • Easily identify between commissioned and resell orders
  • All in one resell order.  OASIS can pull the customer information from a project or it can be entered manually, OASIS will then create the vendor orders for transmission. 




Track Job Specific Information and provide it to the manufacturer.

  • Request that manufacturers lot net bill or ship all items together
  • Enter and track contractor PO numbers
  • Enter manufacturer quote numbers for the whole order or by line
  • Enter lot and overage price lines
  • Handle overage at the part line level
  • Enter shipping marks and call before information
  • Use alternate shipping addresses and tell manufacturers when to use the alternate address
  • Send order and shipping notes
  • Track specifiers on the order



OASIS' easy to use forms and tools empower CSRs to handle even the most complex orders.

  • Access price lists and choose parts from a drop down list
  • Easily enter items for hold or released orders
  • Easily see if an order has met manufacturer’s freight allowance
  • See stock quantities and pull items from internal stock
  • Easily change the columns order, the size of the font or switch to a grid view
  • Use part look up and part history tools
  • Handle specification splits
  • Attach an order to project that has a registered specification
  • View stock status for manufacturers that have that connectivity feature
  • OASIS order forms are easily read and were designed with the input of manufacturer CSRs.
  • Easily identify how many releases or change orders have been issued on an order
  • Store related documents of any type in the attachments tabs.
  • Create reminders for yourself or others related to this order
  • OASIS automatically creates and retains copies of all emails, documents and information sent out whether the order was electronically sent to a manufacturer that has connectivity or emailed.
  • Email orders to those manufacturers who do not have connectivity, and attach other documents including drawings or customer copies of PO’s
  • Use OASIS configurator tool
  • Create submittals from orders
  • Create a packing slip when needed. 

Track shipping and invoicing information inside of the order.

  • Track acknowledged, scheduled and shipped parts.  Easily handles multiple shipments of items.
  • OASIS can create automatic reminders to check shipping status
  •  Estimate shipping dates (advanced)
  • Quickly view the manufacturer’s website to check shipping
  • See invoiced amounts in the header,  invoiced items in the items tab, and a listing of invoices in the accounting tab. 


Track important information for job reconciliation and reports. 

  • Track quoter and CSR (project manager)
  • Track sales person credit
  • Track who created, transmitted and updated orders
  • Assign contacts to manufacturers and customers for ease of emailing orders
  • Track not only the value of the order but invoiced and payment received values.
  • Manage and track problem jobs
  • Track internal notes by the line or by the order.
  • Internal notes entered into the order are viewable when the invoice is entered into the system allowing the CSR to communicate with the personnel responsible or entering invoices.
  • Store information about problems and have order appear on home screen to follow up
  • View all different revisions of the order.
  • Track order history
  • Comprehensive search tools
  • View manufacturer specific messages
  • Internal notes (from the notes tab) pop up upon entering the order allowing crucial information to be readily viewed by all users.
  • Track sales on a particular part number
  • Resell orders show not only the order information but all customer and vendor invoice information as well as customer payment information
  • Backlog and order listing reports
  • Close and file reports