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Customers in OASIS include anyone who is not a manufacturer.  Some of the supported customer roles include Distributors, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, etc.basically anyone who you do business with or might be a part of a job.


OASIS not only tracks distributors and contractors, but also tracks "specifiers" related to each project/job. OASIS uses this information for job status, customer follow-ups and reporting. We highly encourage groups to enter all the customers that can be involved in a job.

  • Track parent –child relationships
  • Customers are stored by role: Architect, Engineer, Distributor, etc.
  • Create new roles as needed.
  • OASIS workgroups allow agents to map customer to a specific workgroup or workgroups when it is necessary to limit interaction with a customer
  • Send mass emails
  •  Assign a customer to a specific level of pricing in the pricelist.  This will pull that level of pricing in stock orders or in quotes where the customer is selected as the “winning” customer (customer purchasing the job)
  •  Assign a sales person to the customer.
  • Choose which customers to resell to, set up their taxability, and assign sales tax accounts.
  • Set up specific new order messages for a customer.  Great for times when you need to prevent an order for reasons like credit holds
  • Add terms that appear on every order for this customer. Great for special shipping requirements.
  • Add terms that appear on every resell invoice sent to a customer.
  • Track Sales and earnings goals for a customer.