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OASIS manages manufacturers who accept commissioned orders, those who accept resell orders, and those that accept both.  Each manufacturer entry contains valuable information that can increase accuracy and save time for all OASIS users. Most of the major manufacturers have connectivity with OASIS.  Connectivity varies with the manufacturer’s system and needs. Please feel free to ask if you manufacturer has connectivity with OASIS.

  •  Track parent and child brands, allowing for combined orders where possible
  • OASIS workgroups allow users to sell a manufacturer at one workgroup and not another. 
  • Set up standard policies including terms, freight allowance, standard commission, overage splits, spec splits, days to paid and have them populate information.
  • Manage manufacturer entries to mirror specific manufacturer policies such as recapping change orders,  requiring a customer copy of the order, and managing lamp manufacturers
  • Set up pricelists allowing users to select a part from drop down list have pricing populate projects and orders
  • Store submittal cutsheets for use by all users
  • Track sales and earnings goals
  • Store internal notes on each manufacturer
  • Create custom quote terms that only appear on the quote if the manufacturer is included in the bill of material
  • Importing capability allows users to set up currency and landing factor information for resell manufacturers
  • Set up messages that pop up every time an order is created for certain manufacturers. This is great for important messages that have limited time frame like promotions or upcoming price increases.
  • Set up specific quoters and CSR’s (project managers) at the manufacturer to receive emails for RFQ’s and orders.