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Features for Sales Agents»OASIS O2O Connectivity
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OASIS O2O Connectivity


OASIS’ native O2O files allow users to share information directly from one installation of OASIS to another. Sales agents are able to communicate with manufacturers and distributors who also use OASIS. This allows a user to electronically send the information that the recipient would normally receive in PDF, Excel or paper format to prevent the rekeying of data in the recipients system.  OASIS protects the agent’s confidential information including commission percentages, markup, overages, profit, and even unit pricing (if desired).

Manufacturer Connectivity

·         Sending and receiving specification registration information

·         Sending RFQ’s and receiving manufacturer responses including manufacturer quote numbers

·         Sending orders and change orders

·         Receiving orders status (shipping) information

·         Receiving invoices from the manufacturer

·         Receiving commission payment information from the manufacturer

Distributor Connectivity

·         Receiving request for quotation

·         Sending a quote

·         Sending a manufacturer breakout

·         Receiving an order

·         Sending order status (shipping)