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Features for Sales Agents
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Features for Sales Agents


OASIS was created for sales agents.  It has evolved in response to agents’ needs and desires for a product to not only manage their projects but to also improve their business process.

  • OASIS utilizes stable relational database technology which allows it to store and retrieve data easily

  • Every OASIS project and order has an electronic job file (attachments). All OASIS created documents are automatically stored there.  Users can add and store any other type of document relating to the job.  Entries can be categorized, color coded, and associated with manufacturers and customers.

  • All applications in OASIS are interconnected. Enter data at the beginning of the project and have it flow all the way through orders and invoices.

  • Ingen is an independent company, and OASIS users connect directly with many different manufacturers.

  • Store unlimited history - OASIS does not require the archiving of data.  Users have access to the history of transactions from the beginning of their use of OASIS.

  • OASIS is configurable to make it easier for all agents to modify preferences, including columns in transactions and listings.

  • Create custom fields to track unique information not normally captured or stored by OASIS. Search and report on these custom fields with ease.

  • OASIS supports the following output for most functions:  Print preview, local printer, PDF, Excel, Send Message (email or electronically fax PDF file), and Send Message (email or electronically fax Excel file).

  • Each agent owns their data and controls access to their own database. Ingen’s personnel do not have access to the data.

  • Use OASIS’ open ticket feature to send a single transaction to Ingen personnel for diagnostic purposes.

  • First year of support and maintenance is included in the purchase price.  All updates, new connectivity, and new features are included.

  • Multiple ways to access support: phone, email, and “open ticket.”

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