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What we believe
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What we believe


We are committed to providing the most innovative and usable business solutions for the lighting and electrical products industry.  We believe that the best way we can serve our customers is to hold ourselves to the highest standards:

Integrity is First
We believe that you cannot run a truly successful business without integrity and character. Expectations should be well-defined. Products and services should meet those expectations.

We believe that we serve our customers best by being independent and protecting their business secrets and data.

Service is the Cornerstone
We believe that when we provide personal, accurate, and timely service to our customers, it not only benefits our customers – it also benefits us. Our customers get solutions to their issues and we gain business expertise which can turn into new features and products for future development.

Creativity and Innovation are Crucial

Software should be innovative, easily useable and well designed for its specific purpose. Software should apply to a broad range of users accounting for size, business style and best practices of the industry. Users should not have to conform to software. Instead software should evolve to meet and exceed their business needs.

Expertise is a necessity not an option
We are committed to creating software based upon the best "real-life" business practices. We have devoted ourselves to not only learning the business of our customers but understanding and anticipating their needs.

We believe that the best software and products are created when the user’s needs are understood and kept central to the development process. Trainers should not only understand the program but should be able to discuss and apply solutions and best practices to real world business problems. Support is an integral part of the development team to improve their expertise and to educate the development process on the industry’s needs and issues.

Partnership is our future

Just as we believe that a successful relationship with our customers is a partnership, we also believe that as a business in our community, we should partner with community organizations in charitable and volunteer ventures. 

We believe that training new talent through our intern program is vital to producing the next generation of programmers, project managers, and support staff.  We become stronger by sharing our expertise and they benefit by gaining usable skills that prepare them for the future.