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OASIS Support Team:

Those friendly helpful people who answer the phone when you call Ingen! 

At Ingen, we don’t believe in automated attendants! When you call, you will speak with one of our OASIS Support Experts.  Each OSE receives ongoing training on OASIS and the lighting industry. The goal of the OSE is to answer your questions quickly and accurately.  If more testing or information is needed, you will be notified by the OSE as they consult a programmer or trainer to assist with your issue.  OSE’s are involved with the OASIS design process, ensuring that user’s needs are communicated to the programmers.


Those brainy people who create all of the OASIS magic!

Ingen’s programmers are that rare breed that not only understand all about making the 0’s and 1’s of the computer dance to OASIS’s tune, they understand the business and needs of the users.  Ingen believes that the best code comes from an understanding of real business problems, not a whiteboard.  Our programmers also assist with support when necessary to provide a second level of support that complements our support team. 


The man with the answers about OASIS.

Tony acts as both sales and as a trainer so that users and prospective users get the best information possible about OASIS.


Those crazy kids who started the company.

Brian Howard and Norene Smith started Ingen in 2000 and play many roles in the company.

Brian was initially the sole OASIS programmer. These days he acts as software architect and programmer when he’s not on the road as a trainer.

Norene acts as a project manager and trainer.  When not on the road she also acts as COO, keeping all those administrative, financial and legal issues in check.