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Last modified on 11/27/2018 7:49 AM by User.


Setting up Distributors to Receive O2O Transactions


Distributor Setup

To activate O2O for a Distributor entry in OASIS, open the distributor from the Customers application in OASIS and select "O2O" under the "Send" drop down menu.

At this time, consider checking and adjusting the contacts in the "Contacts" tab.

Now, when you a Quote, MFG Breakout, Order, etc. there will be a ".O2O" file attached to the outbound email. You will see it attached in the Send Message window.

When your customer/reson receives it, they can drag and drop the ".O2O" file onto and OASIS screen and the transaction will appear or update if the

transaction is already in the system (in the case of a quote. it might be a response so it will open the response window to update the quote).