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Manipulating Prices on a Quote


There are several ways to manipulate prices in OASIS to suit the user’s needs. OASIS gives you several reference column prices, Customer tab LOT and Margin over-rides, along with 4 columns that can be used to quote a customer (Level 1, 2, 3)
On the Quote "Items" tab:

Here are the various ways and an explanation:
-          Formula Box
-          Math Functions
-          Lot price
-          Spread Profit

The Formula Box (Tool) 

NOTE - This tool applies only to the Sell Price, Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 columns.

The Formula box will allow users to place prices in a column that are that higher or lower than the previous column based on the above NOTE (in the order above as well)

In the example below, the unit prices to the customer are in the “Sell Price” column. I would like to see what those prices would look like with 30% added to them without changing what is in the Sell Price column
We can do this by using the Level 1, 2, or 3 columns. The Formula box is a quick way to apply that 30% to another column.

-          Highlight the header for "Level 1" so that the entire column is highlighted.
-          Enter 30 in the Formula box
-          Note - if lowering the price by a number such as 10%, enter a ".9".


-          Click apply
-          Notice that OASIS has multiplied the amounts in the "Sell" column by 30% and placed the results in the "Level1" column (uses Long math)


-          This allows you to now quote this column to a customer.
-          NOTICE the -          -           column now has “30” indicating what the total in the Level 1 column has been raised or lowered by.

Quoting this price to the Customers

-          In the Customers tab, now you can switch from Sell to Level 1 for any customer.

Math Function Tool

The most preferred way to manipulate pricing, columns, etc is to use the Math Functions feature
-          Click the Math functions button on the toolbar

-          In the Math Functions window you have several options

Selected Rows

Before clicking the Math Functions button, highlight the lines you wish to manipulate, then click Math Functions, then push the button for Selected Rows – changes will only apply to selected rows

Ellipse button 

Push this button to select certain manufacturer(s)

All Rows

Push this button to apply changes to all rows

Use Values from

Which column pricing is pulled from

Place Result In

Which column to show the new pricing


In the example above we want to see what the pricing looks like at 30% higher. Simply type 30 in the multiplier box. If reducing by 30% type .70 in the box

Round to Nearest

Manipulated prices can be rounded to the nearest penny to $5.00. click the drop down for selections

Save Macro

Check this box to show the formula for arriving at the price in the Formula column for Sell, Level 1, 2, or 3 columns 


-          In this example, we have our unit pricing in the Sell Price column. We want to raise the prices by 30% and drop those prices in the Level 1 column while not affecting our original Sell price column. We also want to round those prices to the nearest one dollar.

-          -

-          Change the settings to match the above
-          Click Apply
-          The results will show a price in the Level 1 column up 30% and rounded to the nearest $1.00  NOTE - This process does "long" math, meaning it does division to calculate the price
-          The L1 Formula column will show the formula of how the price was arrived at (Sell + 30% Rounded to the nearest dollar)
-          The Sell Price retains the original pricing.

-          This allows you to either quote the Sell Price column or Level 1 column to a customer
-          These steps can be repeated for Level 2 and 3 columns.


Lot Price
There are several different ways of quoting a lot price to a customer. We will cover the two most used in this section

Lot on the Bill of Materials
In the Bill of Materials “Code” column there is an option for “Lot”, this is used to quote a lot value for all lines

-          A print out of the above quote would be similar to below


Lot Pricing Per Customer (quick lot pricing)
When quoting the same example above you can specifically quote a single customer by:

-          Going to the Customers tab and select a customer
-          Once the customer is highlighted, type the Lot amount in the Lot Price box (notice the base quote, in the header area, is $6,504.00, but we are quoting this customer (DISTRIBUTOR CHAIN) a price of $7.100.00


-          When printed it would look similar to below


-          NOTE – if converting to orders, you must remove the Lot Price in the previous step and return to the Bill of Materials and adjust the line items to reflect the Lot price.


Spread Profit
“Spread Profit” is another way to manipulate pricing and automatically spread that overage across a bill of materials pro-rated. For more, click on this link - Spread Profit