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Territory / Agency Splits - Quotes

(Spec, Order and Destination credit)


Many agencies have to deal with territory splits whether they are specifying a job that is going into another territory or they are receiving credit/commission for job that is coming into their territory. Or you may simply be splitting sales dollars, commission and/or overage with another agency. OASIS can keep track by:

-       Entering the splits on the project/quote (spec’d in my territory), then later linking it to an invoice/check you receive

-       Receiving order, invoice or even a check related to a job that was spec’d out of your territory and maybe not known


You need to setup each manufacturer as to how they split Order, Destination and Specification credits


Manufacturer Setup


Go to Manufacturers, then double-click to open the manufacturer

Go to the Terms tab

You will need to fill in the Commission Opportunities (split percentages) example below

(your splits maybe different so enter accordingly)

Once you have entered these (Must equal 100% for each column) click Save & Close.

Project / Quote Territory Splits

If you are creating the Project/Quote (your Spec), you can enter the splits now

-       In the Project/Quote General tab, check the box for “Spec Registration”


-       Save & Close the Project/Quote and re-open (this registers the job in OASIS)

-       Then go to the “MFG Summary” tab

-       Click on the Split button on the Spec/Order/Dest column on the line for the manufacturer. 

-       Adjust the splits as needed.

-       Repeat for other manufacturers on that tab.




NOTE – this button will not appear unless the steps above have been followed


PO Territory Splits

In a PO, go to Tools, then select Agency Splits


The “Sales credit between agencies” window appears:

-       The splits as set up for this manufacturer will appear (can be adjusted if needed)

-       Use the drop down to change how the credits are split

-       Local – your agency

-       Other Agency – this is the default entry for any “out-of-territory” agency

-       NOTE – groups can set up an out of territory specific customer if needed


Once you adjust the credit(s) you receive, click OK.

The PO print will reflect the credit for sales and commission dollars you have selected


When there are territory/agency splits, on most reports only the mount of the PO you get credit for will be shown.