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Setting up OASIS for the Web Portal


Setting up Agency Users

To begin, open OASIS and go to "Configuration" > "Users". Open a user you would like to have access to the web portal. In order to log in on the web, the user will need to have "No Password" unchecked ´╗┐and must have a password that is at least 3 characters long. In addition, the user must have admin access to the "WWW" application under "Security".

Setting up Customer Contacts

In OASIS, go to the Customers section and open up a customer you wish to configure for web access. On the "Contacts" tab, either create or find the user you need to have access. The three fields that need to be filled out for web access are "Web User", "Web Pass", and "Pass Expires."

The web user must be unique across ALL customer contacts. It is recommended use the user's email address, or preface the user ID with the customer ID (i.e., abc.jim).

The pass expires date must be a date in the future, otherwise the login will not work. Once the date of the expiration comes into play, the user will no longer be able to log into the web portal.

Global Configuration

Navigate to the "Configuration" > "Software" section of OASIS, and under the "Global Preferences" heading, click on "Settings". Under the "web" tab, you are able to change various settings for the web portal

  • Customer order visibility: this is the date range for which orders are set to appear on the web. After the specified period, the orders will "drop off" the web and will no longer appear in search results.
  • Show line card: toggles the option of "Line Card" as an application on the web
  • Show customer pricing on web: toggles the option of "Products" as an application on the web
  • Show last update: no longer applicable
  • Show bid board on web: toggles the option of "Bid Board" as an application on the web
  • Show user's previous comments: no longer applicable
  • Allow contractors access: allows end customers (contractors) to view orders for which they are a specifier on