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FTP Hold Orders Report (Last 90 Days)

****This feature is no longer available to Philips (DCO) Agents.****

DCO uses this report to manage resources.  The report pulls all hold and partial orders for a 90 day period allowing DCO to allot resources.  

The following fields are sent to DCO


Field Data
Agency Agency's Rep Number
Project Name  Name of Project, if available from the order
Order Number Customer PO#
Release Date

Date of latest release on order

Order Signature OASIS database ID number & internal order number
Line Signature Order Line number

Name on Shipping Address

Care of

Shipping Address C/O field

Address Line1/2 Shipping Address
City, State, Zip Shipping Address City, State and Zip
Quantity Total Quantity ordered
On Hold Quantity of items on hold
Released Quantity of items released
Catalog Number Part number
UPC Part UPC number
Amount Sell price per unit


To run the report, go to the orders application.  Select "FTP Hold Orders Report" from the DCO menu as shown below. 

OASIS will ask if it is OK to generate the report.  Select "OK"

OASIS will notify you that the file is ready to be sent to DCO.  Users can view the content prior to sending the report to DCO by clicking on the file button.

When ready to send electronically to DCO click "OK" 


Below is an representation of the data sent to DCO