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Philips Connectivity (DCO)»Downloading DCO Commissions
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Downloading DCO Commissions

****This feature is no longer available to Philips (DCO) Agents.****

The commissions download for DCO uses the same file store on DCO's server as the invoice downloads. However, the goal for commissions is to reconcile a DCO payment. Note: this only relieves the data entry portion of commission reconciliation. We strongly recommend reviewing the Invoice and PO balances (and the backlog report) to ensure the orders and invoices close normally.

 To begin, select the “Payments” application in OASIS. Then select “File” then “New” then “New Commission Check”: 

Fill in the commission check information. The starting and ending invoice dates are not used for the DCO download. Then select “DCO,” then “Load Invoices For Payment”. 

Here is what happens:

  • The Order Number, Invoice number, DCO order number, invoice amount is downloaded
  • If the invoice is found in OASIS, it is added to the payment and the amount paid is noted for the invoice.
  • If the invoice is not found, it is added to a report for “NOT FOUND” invoices.
  • When complete, a report is printed showing the invoices and amounts “FOUND” in OASIS and invoices and amount “NOT FOUND” in OASIS.
  • Corrections may be made manually.
  • Totals should match the DCO payment.