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Downloading DCO Invoices

****This feature is no longer available to Philips (DCO) Agents.****

Downloading order status and invoices may be done once per day - just select "Download Order Status" from the "DCO" menu:

The download will happen in the background and may take several minutes. Here is what happens:

  • Each night, DCO writes a file to their server containing order and invoice information
  • This process will download the file to your server, converting the data and auto applying the order status and invoice data - when possible.
  • If order status or invoice data is not auto apply-able, the data is added to the order status or invoice "download folder" (see below).

When the process is complete, you will receive this message:

(This was from our test server so the 0 auto applied was expected.)

For the most part, the process is automatic. For invoices, the matching is somewhat open, allowing us to capture what DCO has on their server and applying to the OASIS transaction - even if there are differences in catalog numbers, type codes, etc. However, order status must be somewhat exact to produce acceptable reports for customers to view (or to run the OASIS website product). Differences in catalog numbers or truncated fixture types will cause order status to not auto apply in OASIS.

Once per week, we recommend reviewing the invoice and orders status folders. In most cases, these orders or invoices must be manually applied to the OASIS transaction. Here is where to find the order status folder:

The invoice download folder is available from the Invoices section:

When closing either of the folders, you will be asked if the transactions should be moved to the matching transactions. Please note: THIS IS NOT AUTO APPLY! The advantage of allowing order status to move to the orders is the data may be applied to the order by "dragging and dropping" the related order status data directly on the order (very nice). To do this, allow the order status to be moved to the orders. Then open one of the orders and press the "F7" key. This will split your screen and allow for the drag and drop. (More in an upcoming article.)